How Do I Get Ethminer To Work Again?

eth miner

Who wouldn’t want to try some eth mining? Ethereum is truly a popular avenue to explore and it’s certainly becoming more and more popular as the years roll by. You cannot blame people for loving everything it can offer since it’s simple and really an effective tool for a thousand people or more. However, there are times when things go wrong and when that happens, it’s a nightmare! It can often be a little tricky to know how to get the mining system to work again when it breaks down; so what can be done? Read on to find a very simple way to help get your mining project back on solid ground.

Check Your Firewall or Virus Blocker

Sometimes, your operating system doesn’t realize the mining software and thinks it’s under attack. When this happens, the eth miner stops working and causes a few issues for you. It’s simply because the defender of the computer thinks it’s at risk so blocks the mining program. If that’s the problem it’s not advisable to stop your firewall or virus blocker/software; you should keep your software running. However, it might be wise to change your mining software around to see if that clears up the problem. In most cases, the problem should be fixed and you can get back to ether mining.View more information at

Is The Software Corrupted?

Even the best software gets corrupted from time to time and that could be where your problems lie. Now, if the software is corrupted, it will need to be removed and downloaded and installed once again. Corruption with the software might mean the mining program doesn’t work as it should and it’s a nightmare to try and get right. That is why uninstalling might be the best solution for the time being. Eth mining does take a lot of patients and practice but you have to ensure the software is at its best. If there is a problem here, you have a major issue elsewhere.

Correcting the Problem

eth minerThere are actually quite a few ways to help fix your ether miner and get it working again. Of course, there are many reasons as to why the software has run into trouble. In most cases, the problems are minor and not too troubling; but you never can tell. It’s wise to find the right way to proceed and get your ether mining off to the best start. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with correcting the problem.

Get Your Miner Working Again In No Time

You can always run into a few issues when it comes to your ethminer but hopefully the problem will be fairly minor and the issues can be resolved in little time. Of course, you do have to take good care of your software and computer to ensure it works to its limits. When you have everything fixed, you can find the process to be a lot easier in no time. Eth mining can be a very excellent avenue and it’s something you will love.